Identity Fence Review

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Identity Fence Review

Hello everybody, Do you use public Transport to get around the city? Are you ever in busy or highly populated areas? Do you want to protect your life from stolen?If so you are at risk digital pickpocketing, the most common and progressive method of credit card theft today.Well Identity Fence is the perfect choice for you.Nearly all bank cards are now installed with radio frequency identification or RFID technology. RFID enabled credit cards are embedded with a hidden microchip that stores all the account information necessary to complete a transaction. The newest versions of Android smartphones have the hardware to do the same thing and more.Passports have also become a major target for opportunist criminals. Every single detail of your Identity is stored on your passport RFID chip. One scan from a smartphone provides criminals with a person’s entire Identity, leading to identity theft and elaborate internet schemes.

What Exactly Is Identity Fence?

Identity Fence,Known as digital pickpockets, thieves throughout the UK are using smartphones to simply scan people’s wallet or purse without any physical contact and gaining instant access to personal bank accounts.Today Identity Fence will learn you How do you protect yourself? In order to stop your card from being scanned one of the only means of protection is to physically cover the card in an RFID Protective sleeve or wallet. (go to website to collect a free protective sleeve ). The protective sleeves can be used on individual cards, or you can place all your cards into a protective wallet. The RFID protection is lined with a foil that repels signals from the scanner, therefore protecting all your information.

How Does Identity Fence Work For You?

  • Identity Fence acts as anti RFID fraud protection.
  • Ih the video Watch: Victim Case Study: Andrew Clement of Des Moins, USA Loses Hundreds of Dollars from Wireless Scanning.
  • Andrew Clement of Des Moins believes a woman standing extremely close to him stole hundreds of dollars from his credit card while at a Shopping Centre this week.
  • Banking experts say the device used to scan credit card numbers is called “near field communication”. The bank notified the man saying his credit card had been used even though his card never left his wallet. Clement said the thief stole close to 400 dollars and used the card number both locally and in Hawaii.
  • “I had been violated! You hear about these things happening on TV and at that point, I was like how did this happen?, My card was still in my wallet! I now carry all cards in a protective wallet or sleeve, Which I believe some websites are now offering free, which I highly recommend”. (Go to company to get free protection.)
  • Identity Fence are offering free RFID sleeves in an attempt to stop RFID fraud.

Identity Fence

If You Want to protect yourself With Identity Fence Here Is What You NEED:

  • How Much is it Going To Cost Me?You’re probably thinking that protection is going to be very expensive…

  • False! Usually RFID Sleeves sell for up to £50.00 but you can get yours free today!

  • Where can I get my Free RFID Protective Sleeve: The manufacturers of Identity Fence are looking to build buzz around their brand, they are offering a set of 3 RFID protection sleeves for Free.

  • Yes, you can collect it directly from the IDENTITY FENCE website.

  • This special sleeve comes fitted with a foil in the inner section. That foil is what will prevent the scan from going through. Instead, it will repel any signal from the criminal’s scanner and they won’t be able to steal anything from you.
  • The good thing is, since Identity Fence cares a lot about your safety, they are currently offering their sleeves for free. You will just pay for shipping the product to you and you are good to go. Even better, you’ll receive three Identity Fence RFID Sleeves once you make your order. Start protecting your identity now!
  • The makers of this product are so confidant that this product work and will help protect your identity that they are offering to give you a free RFID sleeve from the order page below.
  • We recommend getting the leather wallet for a more sleek look and a more durable feel. You don’t want to miss out on this incredible offer so grab yours today before they are all gone!


  • Identity Fence device Virtually all the cards we receive from our banks are installed with an RFID chip. Passports have also started coming with this chip.
  • It is where all your identity information is stored so that you can perform transactions in an instant, without any hustle. Quite convenient, right?
  • Unfortunately, it is also convenient for opportunistic criminals as well. Through that chip, they can gain access to your information by scanning it. That’s why you need the Identity Fence sleeve.
  • To the surprise of many, not a lot is required to make this happen. Only a smartphone is needed to scan the RFID chip on your card and the rest becomes painful history.
  • The next thing you know is you are getting a call from your bank about some massive transactions in United Kingdom!
  • The ruthless thugs don’t need any special equipment to do that, they just need to get physically close to you.
  • It could be at the mall, grocery store or even while you are chilling at the bar! After a quick scan using Near Field Communication (NFC), your entire identity information is extracted and thus, elaborate internet schemes begin.
  • With the Identity Fence RFID Sleeve or wallet, nothing of that sort will happen to you. A simple sleeve will eliminate the chances these painful identity thefts.
  • So Identity Fence self help defense come to solve all these problems using magic method.


  • Identity Fence available only here without internet connections you can’t access it.


Final Conclusion:

I highly recommended Identity Fence.This amazing product will change your life and make you sleep with peace with no fear of stolen,this product really works to protect your family life, take your chance now and live the life you deserve.

Identity Fence Reviews

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